words & photos by Jason Mousseauvideo by Andre Nutini (Stepdown Productions)

The Game is not your typical rail jam.

Unlike most events which are held at the local mountain, The Game, which was presented by the good people at Coors Light,

switches things up and brings the rails from the mountain to the

streets of downtown Rossland, BC. The course was built the night

before by volunteers and athletes alike, as a fleet of rails had to

be brought from Red Mountain and setup outside Rossvegas Boardshop.

Rossvegas Boardshop was

the main sponsor along with Ontic Clothing and Red Mountain.

The format for the competition was

fairly simple. The pool of athletes was split into age and gender

categories and each category had an hour to session the course in

order to impress the judges and move on to the finals. If they did

manage to make it to the finals, each competitor had three stabs at

the course in order to put together the best run and win some nice

gear and a wad of cash.

Organizers did a great job of putting

the course together with so little time, and the athletes appreciated

the hard work that was put into the competition. As you can see from

the drop in, the whole rail line is setup on a regular street and

finishes right across the street from Rossvegas and the rest of

downtown Rossland. It took place during the winter carnival, a

cornucopia of snow-oriented festivities, resulting in a little bit of

main-street madness in town. Downhill bobsledding, snow volleyball

and a ton of partying and dancing at the ice bar, located right at

the base of the course, are all amongst the debauchery that went down

during the event.

The drop in for the


The flat rail got

destroyed during the jam, and skiers got creative with 360 switch ups

and hand drags on the rainbow rail.

The down flat down was

home to many disasters and 270 disasters done by both skiers and


The course finished

with a flat down rail or down box option, which led into a C-box.

Most of the competitors liked the

format of the jam, as they had a chance to session it and warm up

before having to throw down for the judges. When athletes did drop

in, they knew that they had three other runs, and that they were

being judged on their overall performance rather than just one run,

which gave them the incentive to try more technical tricks. The vibe

was high throughout the day, and it was easy to see that the skiers

were having a great time and were in the competition in order to have

fun, with the added bonus of winning some gear and cash if they


Steezing like no other

My favorite run of the day was not by a

single skier, but a team of superstar athletes which totally killed

the course with plenty of spreads, daffys, 50-50 box slides and

kangs. The three skiers went through the course as a train with one

skier on each side hitting the features, and the other cruising down

the middle of the course rocking out to his electric keyboard. Not to

mention they were all dressed in some of the best gaper gear I have

ever seen. Mad props to you guys.

Finals in the snow.

The competition continued

throughout the day, with the finals going into the dark. The snow was

falling pretty hard all afternoon, and the notion of skiing some

powder at Red the next day kept the vibe high not only for the

athletes, but everyone else outside enjoying the festivities. The

last run was finished, the scores were tallied and a whole lot of

amazing gear was tossed into the crowd at the ice bar before the

winners were announced.