CHAPTER 2 - confidenceO

nce upon a time, there was a really, really, really, black ink ball named Darnell Morgan. Darnell wasn’t like the rest of the kids in school. He tried and tried with all his might to make people laugh, but it just wasn’t working out. So one day after watching a comedy starring Katt Williams, he thought he had what it took to challenge someone in a roast. He woke up 7 hours before school started so he could practice his planned comedy in the mirror. After 4 hours Darnell noticed something very strange in the mirror, he screamed and started to run, his mother, Brenda, stopped him in the hall, she asked him, whats wrong? He replied to her that he saw a monster in the mirror. She walked with him slowly to the mirror, looked into it and shouted, Ahhh! There it go. Brenda was shocked to see what he was talking about. It was his own face he felt so afraid of. To Calm him down, Ms. Brenda told him that he was pretty and that he was the funniest bastard, I mean , kid she’s ever seen. Darnell not noticing his mothers fingers being crossed he smiled and hugged his mother Brenda. CHAPTER


alking to school, he stood tall with his bird chest high and a confidence he never had before. Darnell walked into class looking around and begun laughing. His teacher Mr.Mackey, told him to shut his retarded, lard ass up and sit down. Instantly Darnell started to roast him saying "shut up Mr. Mackey, what mother names her child Mackey?" Mr. Mackey was really mad, He shouted "If you weren’t retarded, fat and stupid I’d kick your ass!". Darnell started to laugh. Mean while, there was about 20 students in the class and they were beginning to get really irritated. But Darnell kept on talking and talking and talking. Students begun to chant someone’s name. "Oliver! Oliver! Oliver!", Darnell acrossed the room started to get mad saying "man Oliver don’t want it, that’s a little white boys name, hey oliver you want some More! Twist looking nigga, Nawl you know who you look like?! You look like Pookie off of new jack city." Darnell started to laugh, students in the class also notice how much the class started to stink. Oliver was ready to come at darnels neck…well if he had one!CHAPTER


Oliver, yup, that’s his name. Darnell didn’t know what he was getting himself into. Oliver didn’t have to practice in a mirror or stand tall with his chest out, he didn’t have to watch a Katt Williams comedy or anything. Oliver saw a dark kid; rodent he would say talking about him. Oliver sat down in his seat and whispered "the break down". Everyone started to crowd around Oliver as they waited and watched as he begun to roast Darnell. He said….First things first, nigga look at your face? Why do you have to look like that? Sitting there in the corner looking like a raccoon’s ass, don’t you need a license to look that ugly? It’s illegal. Darnell eyes started to get watery, But Oliver was just getting started as he said…Darnell, why was you born?...when god find out how big of an accident you were, he wont be pleased. Looking like a fucked up gorilla, I should come over there and strangle your ugly ass. Fuck that you weren’t born, that’s impossible, you must have been invented not only because your way to ugly but your just one black, lard ass, tard face, dumb disgrace to the human race…rat boy. The whole class started to laugh, including the teacher, Mr. Mackey. Darnell tried playing it off as if Oliver words did not bother him by laughing with the rest of the class. As Oliver noticed him laughing he quickly made Darnell’s laugher into major tears. As Darnell laughed Oliver whispered "Shhhhhh" the whole class got quiet except Darnell, he was the only one laughing loud and dramatically. This gave Oliver the perfect opportunity to make Darnell look really dumb as he said "Why are you laughing? I just insulted you and your laughing, are you really that fat that its covering up your pie sized brain?" Darnell said "Huh?" and the whole class started to laugh and point at him yelling "Lard ass! Lard ass! Lard ass!".CHAPTER


arnell got so mad and embarrassed he tried running out the class until Mr. Mackey tripped him having him run into the door, falling instantly. Darnell started to cry as Mr. Mackey called him a dumb ass. Darnell then got up and stormed out the door. While running in the hallway the schools principle stopped him and asked him "Darnell, why are you running?". With tears streaming out of Darnell’s face he replied, they teasing me!. They? Ms. Choksondik, the principle asked. He replied yes, they, Mr. Mackey’s class. Ms. Choksondik then walked with Darnell to Mr. Mackey’s class wanting an explanation for Darnell crying and running. As Mr. Mackey opened the door he noticed Darnell with the principle. Darnell started to grin because he knew the class was in trouble. Suddenly Darnell’s facial expression changed once he noticed Mr. Mackey smiling back, looking at the principle. Ms. Choksondik talking to the class in a very disappointed voice says "okay, im going ask this only once! which one of you teased Darnell? " Oliver stood up and answered "I did!, he deserved it!" Ms. Choksondik asked Oliver what did he say and he replied "when god find out how big of an accident you were, he wont be pleased. Looking like a fucked up gorilla, I should come over there and strangle your ugly ass". Ms. Choksondik started to laugh very loudly, we all pointed and chanted "Lard ass! Lard ass! Lard ass!". Darnell started to cry again, he dropped on his knees and yelled "Why me!!!!" 4 – why me?! 3 – the break down 2 - confidence