Coterie, noun


A small group of people with shared interests or tastes

Within Winter

The Coterie was born during a late night out at Hood brainstorming the art of ski filmmaking. In Fall 2014, the crew's first offering "We Trust Your Judgement" premiered at iF3 and across North America. Their second short film, 'Within Winter' features Nicky Keefer, Jonah Williams, and friends in Utah, Colorado, and Mt. Hood.

I pressed play on 'Within Winter' while enjoying my morning coffee yesterday, and for one of the first times this season was especially stoked on not just the skiing but the captivating and unique cinematography. I caught up with the mind behind it all Jacob Callaghan yesterday afternoon to get some more insight on the film.

What inspired the film’s name, “Within Winter”?

Naming things has always been a tough one for me. If I don’t have one that naturally comes (usually from a running joke that season), I face the big battle of On the night I had to send the final film to Atomic, I spent 3 hours on the phone with my Dad, Mom, and sister, bouncing back the worst names ever imaginable. Like “Bros Who Ski" or “Video of Things”. Terrible names. But eventually my smart 'English-degreed' sister came up with “Within Winter”. I felt it resonated with the message of the film. I wanted a simple name that conveyed what the film told. That being that, skiing in its simplest form is about experience among others. We don’t go out and ski every day to be alone. Skiing is so rad because it's a way for us to share amongst our fellow peers. I have met and made so many good friends through this sport that takes place within the binds of winter…. so "Within Winter” it was.

What differentiates ‘Within Winter’ from projects you have worked on in the past?

Tough Question. I made it the way it is because that what felt natural at the time. As I learn more and pull from new inspirations my style changes. I really don't think I could pin point this as unique among my work, I think it's just an ever evolving thing. I tried my best to make the best I could for the time. I am sure my next work will carry new traits and slightly different style.

Jonah Williams and Nicky Keefer took the main spotlight in the film, what are your favorite parts about shooting with them?

Well shooting with Nicky and Jonah is just a grand old time. We don’t have the slightest clue what were doing but we all smile a lot. Nicky is a very nice and goofy guy, Jonah I have known for years and is also a very mellow strange fella as well. I think we all are roughly on the same page. Working with these two is low stress. It really gives me the ability to express myself without the crazy pressure of working with people I don’t know as well.

We've seen a huge shift to digital ski media over the past few years, what is your favorite part about the state of ski film making today? Least favorite?

Favorite part is the large amount of people creating great content. I mean anyone can get access to a camera etc… it has really changed the level of ski films. It's kinda a catch 22. My least favorite is also the large amount of great content. Haha. On one hand it's great and rad. But on the other hand it's hard because there is so much content. But all in all I like it. Honestly I am not old enough to really know the world before heavy amounts of internet content, so I don’t think i have really seen a big shift in my time in the industry.

What's next? Can we expect more Coterie films in the years to come?

Well I can’t promise more Coterie. Hopefully, but who knows. We are working project with Mitchell Brower, this season (not Coterie), creating two small pieces from the season. Nicky and Jonah will be on board as well of course. It will be our first year trying out sledding, we'll see how it goes.

Read more about the Utah Filmmaker Jacob Callaghan here.

"If skiing was about fame, we would be actors. If it was about fortune, we would be on Wall Street. If it was about chicks, we would play football."