I live about 5 miles from a Lays chip factory. They make very good chips. So my friends and I went to this factory. We went in the back to the dumpsters. We've heard that they throw the chips that are going to expire in a week or so out. Well we drive to the dumpsters and open the lid. It was Chip Heaven. So many kinds of chips just sitting there. Probably 50 bags of chips just sitting on top waiting to be stolen. So we took arm fulls of chips and loaded my friends car up. We ate some then we thought of a great idea. One friend said to me " want to do something fun like the old days?" Of course I said yes. He came up with the idea of just driving around opening the bags and throwing them at cars and/or people. Well we grab the chips that we know we aren't going to eat and throw them in the front and back seats. So we drive around for half and hour. There was no one. It was 11:30 at night but we knew someone had to be walking around. We were hitting cars but nothing too exciting happened other than the occasional " Fuck You " from people in their cars. Well we went to a park, and to our surprise there was a group of about 8-10 people standing. So we drive past real quick then flip a bitch and open up our chips and chuck the chips at them. I hit some guy straight in the face with a bag of bbq chips. Well after being pelted with 5 bags of chips they hop into 2 cars and start following us. What a rush, until we are going 65 in a neighborhood. Not smart at all. Well they were chasing us for a good 15 minutes when they called for back up. So now we have about 4 cars following us. After a few quick moves we lose 2 cars. Still we have another 2 following us. One car tries to pull ahead, they're right next to us when my friend hucks a bag and nails a kid in the face right when he is saying " stop throwing bags of ..." he got hit before he could finsh. Best of moment of the night right there. Well that car gave up. So now we only have one car behind us. We've been on this chase for about 35 minutes. We decided to bring and end to this. So we were hauling ass up this hill when we flip a bitch out of nowhere. The car behind had no clue we were going to do that. That car stopped dead in its tracks and tried to turn around but we had already turned into a neighborhood on the bottom of that hill and parked in some random persons garage. After sitting in there for 5 minutes we went back to the hill. When we got to the top of the hill we saw red and blue lights flashing in front of us. We thought it a some normal traffic stop. Well in a way it was. It turned out to be one of the cars chasing us. It was hilarious. That night was incredible. We broke laws stole chips got free food had a fun time and we saw our rivals get pulled over. It was one of the funnest night I've had in awhile even though it was dangerous.