Interviews by Jeff Schmuck

Here's another two episodes of The Chairlift Diaries, which feature video interviews with some of your favorite athletes while we ride the lifts with them during Momentum and Camp of Champions in Whistler, BC.

Episodes 5 and 6 feature the truly glorious Matt Margetts discussing what he's up to at summer camp this year, his thoughts on halfpipe and slopestyle skiing getting into the Olympics, and the eating habits of his 1,000 pound dog Max, while the always entertaining Josh Bibby talks about his many years at Momentum, recovering from a back injury last winter, and the difference between catching and fishing.

The Chairlift Diaries - Matt Margetts

The Chairlift Diaries - Josh Bibby

Stay tuned for the next two episodes of The Chairlift Diaries with the Traveling Circus crew and the winner of the Make Me a Digger contest, Dan Dougherty, and to watch all episodes of The Chairlift Diaries, be sure to check out its NSTV Channel.