Don’t think you have to wait. Avant (before) Ski and Pendant (during) Ski work just as well at the new restaurant in the lodge at Alpine Meadows…

We stepped up the cuisine this year with The Last Chair, our gourmet bistro at the back of the lodge. Our Executive Chef Chris Patrick has designed a stellar menu with a prosciutto panini plate, Sausage platter, hummus and pita chips with kalamata olives and salad, and a cheese platter with fontina, goat and bleu cheeses served with crackers and fruit.

Of course all that good grub is backed up with a killer wine list from Ravenswood Vinyards and all the best beers on tap and in bottles. And as always, the Alpine Bloody Mary is almost as satisfying as ripping down Our Father!

Judging from the traffic through The Last Chair over this season, the Bloody Mary is nourishment enough for most of you. But we’d stoked to have you stick around after those other chairs stop running and hop on the last chair and have dinner with us!