The Camp of Champions is legendary for changing skiing. The evolution of summer continues in 2011 with the debut of two

sport changing features at The Camp of Champions. "The Launcher" and

"The BagJump Vert Bag". After this summer, skiing

will be different... again.

“The Launcher” at The Camp of Champions

Conceived by M-Snow and COC, "The Launcher" is a dryslope

launcher into our famous Big Air Bag.  On a track of plastic M-Snow, a

powered launcher arm pulls campers up to their desired speed, for the size of

trick they want to learn into the bag. Learning small tricks and huge tricks

has never been easier or more fun. With the flat run in and powered launcher,

it means no more water ramps and endless stairs, just endless progression

launching into our Big Air Bag.

“The BagJump Vert Bag” at The Camp of Champions

Debuting this summer at COC is the BagJump Vert Bag designed

especially for The Camp of Champions Global Cutter Halfpipe and 1/4 pipe. With

an angled landing surface mimicking a huge hip, the BagJump Vert Bag provides a

more realistic landing for pipe tricks, compared to a regular bag. The shape

and design of the Vert Bag let you actually land and get the sensation of

riding out on transition but with the safety that BagJump is famous for when

you don’t land perfect. COC will have the only BagJump Vert Bag on a Global

Cutter pipe this summer.

The word is out on how fun COC is. Whistler might be a bit more of a

trek than flying to Portland but the trek is worth it. Sign up soon and get out

here, we’re almost sold out and this summer is going to be RIDICULOUSLY



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