Always complaining that school is keeping you from skiing? Well, now you can't whine anymore, because the Collegiate Freeskiing Open is going to pay you back, bigtime, for all those hours spent in the books instead of on the slopes.The Collegiate Nationals is an event held by CSTV (College Sports Television) started by Mike Jaquet, the former editor of Freeze magazine. The Collegiate Nationals crowns student champions in sports from boxing to beach volleyball, as well as your more "extreme" varieties: snowboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking and—for the first time—skiing! Think the NCAA and the X Games, combined. Through the Collegiate Freeskiing Open a few talented skiers will bring a national title back to their college or university! "Of course with that will come all the fame, glory and chicks you can handle," says Jaquet. "And for added incentive, we have a $10k cash purse."Northstar at Tahoe will host the 2007 Collegiate Nationals freeskiing halfpipe and slopestyle competitions this April 13-15. To enter, you just need to have been a registered college student within nine months from the April event date — so if you went to school last fall or this spring, click here to register for the qualifiers. Only 50 spots are open for the men and 25 for the women, so you'd better get on it! For all the info, check out and enjoy the wonderful introduction video from everyone's ski hero... you guessed it, Jonny Moseley!

Schedule: Friday, April 13th Registration (8am - 4pm) Pipe practice: ski/snowboard, male & female Saturday, April 14th Registration (8am - 4pm) Slopestyle practice: ski/snowboard, male & female Pipe heats & finals: ski/snowboard, male & female Sunday, April 15th Registration (8am - 4pm) Slopestyle heats & finals: male & femaleThe Collegiate Freeskiing Open Championships is open to all men and women who have been a student within nine months from the event date in April.