The Bula Team in Winter

Park (Kid will never be the same)

Most of the members of the Bula ski and

snowboard team were present in Winter

Park, Colorado, for our annual

photo shoot and to celebrate its opening weekend. 


Frank Raymond, jumping over Kid, Winter

Park's horse.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t provide us with the amount of snow

Colorado normally gets

this time a year, anyhow, the incredible work of Bob and his team made our week

quite fun and special.

Wiley Miller, Bula's newest team member!

Wiley Miller ''tapping'' Kid!

Frank Raymond sharing with Kid!


JF Cusson jumping over kid

Brent Meyer, Jon Hartman, JF Cusson, Wiley Miller, Steph Meyers, Frank Raymond, Anais Caradeux and JF DuRocher

And to celebrate Winter Park’s opening weekend, we had planned some

activities including an autograph session with JF Cusson and riding with Brent

Meyer (on the mic as well), Wiley Miller, Frank ‘’le pain’’ Raymond, JF Cusson,

Steph Meyers, Jon  Hartman and Anais


JF Cusson signing Bula posters

Jon Hartmand and Steph Meyers

Winter Park, Colorado -  Nov 17th 2007

Straight from the 80's!

Frank Raymond and JF Cusson in WP's Rail park

Brent Meyer taking care of business - WP's rail park

Wiley Miller, on the phone, listening to music, skiing and enjoying himself while he rides with WP's kids!

Any good day finishes with a Poker night - JF Cusson 

Thanks to Lindsay, Bob, Red Bull, JP, Jules and the rest of the WP team for this

amazing week!

See you soon Winter Park!!

Photos by Felix Rioux and JF DuRocher