So over the summer I have been trying to make a new outlook on life for myself. I changed from the punk rock only rap hater, to someone who now embraces rap, reggae, rock, punk rock, grunge, whhatever you would like to throw at me. I have tried to stop calling people out for being the part of a minority. And I have tried to stop making genrelazations, im trying to basically make myself more outgoing and accepting of others in genral. Doing this was partially brought on by my leaving for school this wednsday, for the whole year until next summer. Ill be leaving my family and living with complete strangers, well for the first week strangers, the first month friends, and after that, it will be just like family. except with a couple hundred more brothers and sisters. Another thing that brought this on was the decision to move to boston with my dad for the time that im not in school (summer and 2 vacations each year). I have been in boston all summer besides a Month in Lake Placid NY, and being there has shown me that you should be able to accept everyone, unlike in your local suburban highschool where you see an "emo" kid and call him out for it, in the city you need to accept it, because if you do call him out, not only are you a huge deusch, but your likley going to get called out, and intimidated by whomever else it may be walking down the street next to you. In suburbia it may fly calling people out for beeing a minority, but once your sorounded by every kind of person in an urban enviorment, that shit doesnt fly, nor should it in the first place. Because believe it or not, that kid with tight pants listening to hawthorne heights, may very well be able to out do you in anything that you believe you can do better.And thats the reason for calling out correct? To point out that the person is part of a minorty that is supposedly not "up to par" with your group? Tell me one other reason that you would call someone out for being part of a minority.

Ponder, Discuss, and if you agree, do indeed try to expand the things you accept in life.