I looked up to Ahmet a lot when I was a kid. In fact, I told him this right off the rip. He was, in my mind, the first brown dude I had seen "make it"... he was in a lot of ways, proof that someone from my background could make a place for themselves in this industry.

For those wondering, "Why did you give him a platform?"... See above.

This was a mix of good feelings, great storytelling, and what I believe to be honest takes on the way the Ski Industry takes advantage of it's athletes.

There is a bit of a wild ride toward the latter half of the interview where things lean a little on the fence line for me.

If you listen to his words, I truly don't think there is any intention to cause harm. I think if anything he's mis-guided, and completely removed from the global strife that the pandemic has caused because of his immediate environment.

Ahmet has been released from his contract with Völkl as of a couple weeks ago, but he has some interesting plans for his future.

I wish the best to Ahmet, and I hope listeners can take something positive home from this interview.

You'll find the interview on our YouTube channel tomorrow morning, as well as everywhere else you'd normally listen ----> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs1Y1BNWCqV-8rioCq_frIg

Photo from Forecast Ski