Last week Me (12), my little brother Andrew (8), and my two friends Matt and Ryan(Matt is 13 and Ryan is 10), also brothers, decided to make a both seasons group. In the winter we all shred hard on skis at Toggenburg mountain. In the summer Andrew Bmxs and skateboards, David scooters, Matt inline skates , and Ryan also scooters. The group is called the 4 Green Men. We will make movies and sell them. Last week was full of preparation. If appointing captain, making the blueprints for jibs, buying ramps, counting money, coming up with a design, and getting ready for filming wasn't enough, we still have to start making money and learn the tricks we need to film. Unfortunately, yesterday and today have been rainy days for Central New York so we haven't been able to get out and learn our tricks. Hopefully, we should have our first edit out by late April. Check back for the next blog entry! Skiing in central New York is sick, David, Captain of the Four Green Men.