There's a motorcycle rally happening in Lake George this weekend. Being a local, my friends and I tend to stay in so we can avoid the fumigated bike traffic that overtakes our town for the week. My good friend Mark was kind enough to invite me over to his home for some booze filled, old school ski video fun. As I poored a vodka filled drink, Mark tossed in Poor Boyz's Propaganda. For those that are under the age of pretzel filled flicks, Propaganda was the film where the 270 out was made famous and JP Auclair stunned us all by doing the first snow built loop. As the drinks flowed, the old school played on. (the rookies in this film were most notably featured. Have you guys ever heard of Steele Spence or Anthony Boronowski?)After a few friends showed up, Propaganda was well into it's memorable segments. From Mike Douglas and the rest of the new Candian Air force to the entire Line team, Propaganda showed us a sneak peak of the future. Yet amidst the entire old school ski movie madness, one segment was clearly above the others. Mike Nick's segment stuck out. Hands down. End of story. Go watch this segment. Mike showed us that skiing was much more than wobbly armed tricks and that our sport was heading into the direction of style.. He made a 180 what a 180 is today and his influence can easily be seen in the stye of today's skiers. Mike may be "retired" today and working as a key member of the Orage team but his influence and innovation can still be seen today. In the spirit of our old school night during Americade Motorcycle rally 2008, I urge you to go watch an old ski movie and tell your own nostalgic story. Mine begins with Propaganda and ends with Eric Iberg's Stereotype. Thanks for the memories guys and thanks for the inspiration Mr. Mike Nick!-Rogge