Learn to shoot Skiing at http://www.actionphotoschool.com!It's that time of the year again! And for those who don't know what we are talking about… the TEVA MOUNTAIN GAMES!!! An amazing competition that takes place in Vail, Colorado and features some of the worlds best bikers, rock-climbers, kayakers, stand-up surfers, and dogs. Yes, dogs…From June 2nd-5th, the Teva Games will take place in Vail, CO and host it's yearly photography competition. The price is just $50 for entry and you can register here. You get a press pass to shoot all of the events that get's you in closer than the crowd (woo hooo!!) and a sweet schwag bag (yippee!!). Every competitor get's to shoot any and all events, and at the end will submit their top three images for review by the judges. APS's very own Connor Walberg(Me) is one of the judges and you an view the Judges information page here. Winners will get $800 for 1st, $400 for second, and $200 for third with the chance of winning in more than one of three categories. APS's Daniel Milchev took 1st in one category, and 2nd in another one last year, can you beat him this year?!We are very excited for the competition and can't wait to head out and start shooting. It's a great opportunity to take some very cool action shots and learn how to shoot action since there is so much going on. Plus, you can hang out with both of us and shoot. We hope to see you there!