So, before we get the final pictures in for this years line, I would like to quickly share some quick little reviews with you all on Sag Straps.I just used a pair today skiing, they are suspenders that let the saggin' happen smoovvvvely.. people should check these things out - Ahmet DadaliSag Straps are dope man - Tom WallischSo sick dude, I've worn them every time I've gone skiing. Also when I went to Mt. snow today, I sagged them and people were interested and I basically just told them what's up - Jake DoanIn a sense, it's harnessing the ability to hold your pants up in a whole new way, so that you can push the limits of sagging without worrying about a naked moment - NimajnebThey work well and are sick, they have incredible quality, and seem really durable, I'm so impressed - Chris YeatesAnd if you guys have any reviews or sick photos you'd like to share, we would love to get them at