Phil Casabon on the DFD.

Words and photos: JF DuRocherI arrived in Tremblant a day before the contest with former snowboard champion of the event, Stephane Peanut Martin. Tremblant being Tremblant, I had a hard time getting my media pass, which (no offence to the staff) didn’t make any differences in the way I covered this event—but thanks for the trouble. Anyhow, since 2002, this event has been a little gathering of the Quebec scene to celebrate the end of the season. The concept is quite interesting in itself, with a jib setup in the middle of Tremblant’s village. A down-flat-down, a flatbar and a flat-down box comprised the setup this year, and some of the best skiers from Quebec showed up: JD Zicat, Dom Legare, Phil Casabon and Guillaume St-Cyr, just to name a few. Legendary Philou Poirier was also part of the contest and even Vinnie Dorion showed up!

Dom Legare.
Guillaume St-Cyr.
Jean-Denis Zicat cleans the kink.
A whale of a rail!Year after year, the challenge remains the same: speed. With melting snow and long rails, it’s always hard for competitors to get a solid complete run in. Phil Casabon was the best skier of the night with very sick runs—I saw him doing crazy switch-ups to 270 out of the down-flat-down and a nice switch-up on the box at the end.  JD Zicat did well, winning the best trick contest, but unfortunately I didn’t get to see his winning trick. JD thought he hadn’t won so he didn’t show up at the ceremony! I had to call him and let him know about it: “Yo JD, you’re $1,000 richer, get your ass over here!” As for the event winner, Phil Casabon didn’t leave any doubt in the judges’ minds; he was the most consistent rider of the day, and cashed a $3,000 check for it. A celebration at le P’tit Caribou is part of any good day in Tremblant, and this day was no exception. All the skiers and snowboarders gathered together to party and celebrate one of the last days of riding in Quebec. Big shout up to the Bula team, Vinnie, JD and Dom, to Philou, Kim, Guillaume, Mat, Ingrid, Simon, Peanut, Dofin, Joyal, Charlie boy, Juju, Emilie, The OnBoard crew and everyone who made this event worthwhile! 
JD gives the box some love.
Dom Legare, without much breathing room.
Of course Phil Casabon looks happy—with that $3,000 he can buy about 3,000 more Coors tallboys!
"Yo JD, you're $1,000 richer, get your ass over here!"