So a few Canucks ventured down south to Telluride, Colorado for the Jeep King of the Mountain skiercross. I stayed with fellow BC team members Justine, and Rejean in our pimped out room.

"I'll take it in the office"

Oh yes, robes!

Start area

Photo whoring

First Feature..

Inspection, double double.

Gap step up

I cased it in qualifying.. what should of happened..

What actually happened.

It ripped the tips clean off my skis.

Bottom booter

Across the valley. Looks like fun!





"Coors" mountain

Mag, Ashleigh, Ju

Top again, men, lars lewen


Mens final

It was lewen, rahlves, kraus, gavaggio for the mens final.

David, Huttary, Jonsson, Demers-wild for the women's field.