Dylan and Derek rode with campers and acted as judges, too, to figure out who the winners would be.

Session 7 is Technine Session at camp, and the T9 crew is rolling deep at Windells! Derek Dennison, Dylan Thompson, Andrew Brewer, Marc Frank Montoya, and the Am Crew of Zander Blackmon, Ben Bilodeau, and Brady Larson went on hill to ride a really unique setup with campers and put on a contest for some T9 prizes.

Head Digger Chase and Assistant Head Digger Everest added a Jersey barrier and picnic table to the skate-style area next to the top jump, so campers had tons of features to hit. They could ride the Gatorade prism like a spine, like a wall, stall or ollie the coping tube, hit the down tube, ollie the Jersey barrier…there were so many different things to hit, campers and riders were going everywhere!

Andrew Brewer announced the whole contest, he’s pretty good on the megaphone!
Dylan handplanted over the Jersey barrier. Cole got it all on film. Stay tuned for the edit!
Digger Justin Fronius came and shredded.
Stall on the coping tube.
Working on tailpresses!
The Technine Young Gun snowboard was awarded to a camper who was trying out all of the features, trying new tricks, and riding with sick style.
Technine Am Brady Larson stopped to have a snack and shared with this happy camper.
Brewer, Dylan, Derek, and the Ams announce the winners. Two Technine boards were given out to stoked campers!
The crew! Thanks for hanging out and riding with us!

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