Team USA will be a force to be reckoned with after sweeping both the men's and women's podiums at the Mammoth Grand Prix. Six skiers clinched their spots, however, the 4th spot on each team remained up for grabs for the coaches discretionary pick. Aaron Blunck and Annalisa Drew sat in the 4th qualifying spots after the final qualifying events, and have been awarded the coaches discretionary pick. Both are young talent, yet Team USA Veterans and competed in Sochi, Russia for the 2014 Olympic Games.

According to USSA, the coaches pick is to be determined by 6 factors- Opportunities previously provided to an athlete in relation to results, Attitude and commitment, Outstanding results based on strength of field, Relative AFP Ranking, Physical fitness level and Injuries. Other close contenders included fan-favorite Gus Kenworthy, and Kyle Smaine who topped the podium at the Mammoth Grand Prix. Blunck placed 7th overall at Sochi back in 2014, and Drew came in 9th overall. In the end, consistency and overall points prevailed, and both Blunck and Drew were welcomed to Team USA.

Men's Halfpipe:Torin Yater-Wallace || David Wise || Alex Ferreira || Aaron Blunck

Women's Halfpipe: Maddie Bowman || Brita Sigourney || Devin Logan || Annalisa Drew