This is an extra exciting Team Takeover Thursday because it is our last installment of the weekly contest before summer camp starts! This time next week, campers will be here and Dakine will be taking over session 1 for snowboarders and Poor Boyz Productions will be taking over session 1 for skiers. Because this is our last Team Takeover Thursday, we wanted to highlight one of our longest Team Takeover Sessioners, Nick Visconti. Nick has been hosting session at camp for four years and before that was a coach, and before that, he was a camper! Nick is a longtime member of the Windells family and we look forward to him coming back every year.

Nick was nice to catch us up on his summer plans and why he returns to Windells every year. We can’t wait for Nick’s creative snowboarding, filled with tuckknees, one-footers and handplants to abound in the Windells park! Make sure to check out The Reunion Team Takeover Session 4, with Nick, Curtis Woodman, Jason Robinson, and Stevie Bell. Combined, these four guys have more energy than a cabin full of campers and they are lots of fun to shred with, skate with, and play knockout (or bump) with. You can check out everyone that will be at Windells for the Snowboard Team Takeover Sessions and Ski Team Takeover Sessions.


And, for this week’s question:

If you could go snowboarding with Nick Visconti for a day, where would you go and what would you do?

Post your answers in the comments below before 4pm Friday and we will pick our favorite answer to win a Windells prize pack! We will announce the winner tomorrow afternoon!

For more with Nick, check out his sponsors. Arbor, Arnette, Sandbox, Sessions, and Pow.

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