With the fire season picking up in Tahoe the smoke has taken a tole on my throat. I've got a sore throat so I mixed up some tea that has been working miracles...

Star Anise is popular in Chinese cuisine and is also used medicinally in the treatment of rheumatism, colic and bronchitis. It has also been used extensively to ease digestion and control flatulence and nausea. S tar Anise is often chewed after meals to freshen breath.
Osha has been clinically verified to possess anti-viral properties and is very effective for treating cold and flu systems of the upper respiratory tract, and other viral infections of the respiratory system. The plant is also a powerful stimulant if consumed to excess. Osha root is typically chewed, then spit out after the medicinal components have been extracted by the chewing action. Osha root is also used internally in small amounts to treat fever, stomach ache, and heartburn.
And Lastly I added some cinnamon to spice it up a bit!