Words: Steve Rozendaal @ Volume Video Magazine

Jon Olsson and Tanner Hall recuited Volume Video Magazine and Kris Ostness from Teddy Bear Crisis to build Chads gap like it has never been built before. Their plan to hit the ledgendary gap backwards and make skiing history. After 4 days of building and 2 weather days they were ready to go.

With clouds looming Tanner dropped in forward bombing toward the 15 foot high 10 foot wide 115 foot long monster. Tanner cleared it with a straight air and the session was on. Jon followed with a hugh spread eagle. With straight airs out of the way the boys moved right into switch tricks. Both blasted switch 180s clocking speeds over 50 mph. As the clouds continues to come in Tanner stepped up with a cab 540 and Jon blasted a hugh switch misty 900 just missing the landing. Tanner went back and got a perfect cab 5 and Jon continued to have trouble landing the switch 900. Then Tanner did what he had been dreaming about by sticking a historic cab 900 on his next try. Being the perfectionist that he is, he went back and got another cleaner cab 900 before the show had to stop due to weather.

Day two was super sunny and everyone was getting stoked to see Jon stick his trick and some heli follows. Both riders picked up right were they left off. On his second hit Tanner threw another cab 900, opening up just slightly before landing clean. Jon pulled a super clean cab 180 right behind Tanner and the energy was high. The riders took a short brake before the next round and sun continued to heat the in run. On his third attempt of the day Tanner would come up just short on a cab 900 impacting the face and flipping down the landing. He knew right away he was injuried and was taken down in a sled by Alta ski Patrol.

Tanner broke both heels and will have surgery on his right one. But you better get out there and win as many comps as you can, because after talking to Tanner he sees himself completly recovered by the beginning of next season. Volume Video Mag will document his recovery and keep you updated.

We would like to thank Alta Patrol and the people at the medical clinic for all their help.