Cover Photo: Erik Seo

After a six year hiatus one of skiing’s greatest competitors of all time has returned to the the halfpipe- the skiboss is back. In this weekend’s Rev Tour at Copper Mountain Hall dropped in on his first halfpipe runs in seemingly forever, marking the start of his promised competition comeback. This wasn't just his first contest in six years, these were his first halfpipe runs in six years. So, with just three practice runs to shake off years of rust, he landed two contest runs. Pretty damn impressive. Hall won his first X Games gold medal before two of the tree skiers that beat him in the Rev Tour were even born.

While this result is definitely exciting to see, Hall still has a long way to go to recapture his position at the top of the sport. His Rev Tour run featured both left and right spins, one alleyoop hit, one switch landing and no doubles. Podium level runs in today’s competitions feature doubles in three at least three different directions. Kevin Rolland’s winning X Games run last year had four doubles. The only double Hall has thrown in competition is an ungrabbed double flare, though he was spotted last summer learning new doubles on the airbag and on snow at Windells.

Even though he has a ways to go, we’re hyped to see Hall back on his game, and back in a healthy and competitive mindset. This is the Tanner Hall that won ten X Games medals in 10 years. Having come back from some of the most heinous injuries and through waves of adversity from all directions (including self-afflicted), Hall is someone that should never be counted out.

Tanner HallSo damned hyped on today with @hharlaut winning @dewtour slopestyle and myself riding pipe for real for the first time in six years and HOLY have I missed this shit! I ended up 4th which I couldn't really believe cause I was a bit rusty and only got three runs through the pipe before the comp started but she all came back better than I thought it would and I can't wait to shred a lot more pipe this season! So ill seeing a bunch of real young kids crushing it today and making skiing look fun as hell like it should be.......I love this shit and so hyped to be back in the start gate once again