There's no doubt that THALL has been on one the past couple seasons. From getting redemption on Chad's Gap last spring, his release of 'TRIUMPH' in the Fall, and the regular winter antics like triple backies, gnarly pillows & more, THALL is back on top of his shit.

This spring, just like the past few, Tanner has found himself back in the ol' Squaw Valley Parks to get back to his park roots.

After the old dog taught himself quite a few new tricks this spring, there were a couple people who weren't too stoked on something he did.

"I guess there's maybe two patrollers who just don't like me" Tanner stated in his IG Live video that has since disappeared from existence. It's a damn shame that THALL is being 86'd from Squaw Park for the rest of the spring. He was just gearing up to learn AHall's signature cork 3 pretz 1. Maybe next year...