It’s hard not to miss summer camp at Mount Hood. Sunny laps through the Windells park, fast-paced skate sessions in the Concrete Jungle, meeting new friends, learning from talented and friendly coaches, and having literally the best time ever. Summer camp is the funnest, which is why from now until next summer, we’re bringing you a tons of summer 2011 memories every Tuesday, in a weekly flashback right here on the Windells blog. Take me back Tuesdays will be filled with photos and videos of your favorite summer shredding moments: the new tricks, the sweet park, the sick pros, the awesome sponsor nights, and more. Every week, as you countdown to next summer, you can get a little bit of that sunshine and sunny shred on the Windells blog.

The first Take me back Tuesday is from Session 6, when the Rome Team was hosting the session for snowboarders. Bjorn Leines, Lucas Debari, Johnny Lazz, Marie Hucal, members of the AmArmy, as well as a crew of Rome riders from Japan and Europe were all at Windells. One of the best days that session was when Rome brought up a megaphone, a metal mixtape, and a bunch of Rome pro riders, to ride and learn new tricks with campers on the widest box we’ve got.

Riley Nickerson was giving campers a “hand” with spinning like a top.

Bjorn Leines showing campers that you can still press a cambered snowboard.

This camper was taking full advantage of the session.

Towards the end the box turned into a gauntlet of snowballs.

Bjorn even dropped in through the gauntlet.

In the end only one person won the jacket…

..but everyone had an awesome time and got to snowboard with some Rome pros.


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