There’s only a couple Take me back Tuesdays left before summer starts. Not only does that mean that we’re close to summer laps, skating in the Concrete Jungle, and hanging out with pro snowboarders, skiers, and skateboarders as they takeover camp, but it also means that we’re closer to another really exciting time of year–when new videos come out!

Yes, videos come out in the fall, which is off of our radar right now (summer! yay!), but at camp we are lucky to get to get special premieres before the movies actually come out. Last year we had a couple of snowboard and skate movies show at camp, including ThinkThank’s “Ransack Rebellion”. We also got to check out cool special previews from Technine and Flow Snowboards. Tim Humphreys even showed campers some of his personal gopro clips straight off his computer!

We have a sick new set up on the outside of BOB that is perfect for watching movies and we can’t wait to get to check out what the pros have been working on this year! Word around campus is that we’ll have some new video crews coming to camp to show their movies, too. Check back on the blog for updates!

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