So our TM, filmer, and all around nice guy Ryan turned 25 and went to his home town of Tahoe to get some footage, chill with friends, and enjoy some snow. Pics and words below by Ryan Hackbarth.

Turning 25 isn't so bad. Was lucky enough to cop a 2016 Rav 4 Rental for the week. I got to Tahoe right when a storm hit, so that was refreshing. El Nino is real.. I spent the week shooting with my best friends, some of them actually ski for us. They make me laugh, I make them look funny, which in turn makes you laugh. I took a few follow-cam laps and tossed together a video too.

Challenges: Convincing them to wear a royal-blue helmet (courtesy of Giro Snow).

Favorite moment: When Cooper was wearing the Dad-style Smith helmet (thnx Smith), he snuck away and changed into a dad-style wind breaker. He was taking laps while I was posted up on the jump shooting photos, and didn't notice until 5 laps in that he had disguised himself as a rad-dad. Although I was wearing rad-dad sunnies and a rad-dad-style hat all week. My friends didn't even recognize me..

Check it all out.

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