Last night we sat down and made a pool. Everyone picked one pre-qualified rider and one qualifier for their team- add their places together, and whoever's got the lowest total number takes the pot. I picked Rainville and Dorey- not a bad combination, but nowhere close to Dave's team of Schiller and Leboe. TJ owned the course all day, and though I couldn't see the start from my perch, I'll bet he threw a flatspin over the hip before a ridiculous switch 7 double japan over the transfer and a switch 10 Schiller mute (as opposed to a regular, human mute), into another Schiller classic, the cork 5 far critical on the QP.

I'm sick of writing and I'm gonna go get drunk at the MSP/Salomon party (free booze until eight). More to come, but here's the results!

1. TJ Schiller

2. Pete Olenick

3. John Spriggs

4. Riley Leboe

5. Sammy Carlson

6. Corey Vanular

7. Justin Dorey

8. Stefan Thomas

9. Derek Spong

10. Mike Riddle

11. Tanner Rainville

12. Tom Dolezel

12. Matthew Hayward

14. Kentaro Tsura

15. Joe Schuster

16. Austin Ramaley

17. Charley Ager

18. Josh Bibby

19. Evan Wilcox