Parker White and Chris Logan are no strangers to the ski industry. Prior to their current project, the duo filmed with Level 1. Now they've shifted their focus to big mountain, and are putting out episodes documenting their experiences. Newschoolers had a quick chat with the two, talked to them about this year's project and what we can expect in the future.

NS: Give us the basics about The Big Picture

Parker White: It's a webisode series composed of 3 or 4 episodes a year followed by our re-edit, which is all of our best footy released in the fall. This year's release is called MTN REVISED.

Chris Logan: "The Big Picture" is actually the name of our film company. We have been putting out web edits throughout the season for the past two season. Our first season was I guess the Zero series. We put out four edits during the year and a season recap of all of our footage combined into one edit last fall called Zero/Done. This season was the Mtn Revision series. We put out three edits during the year and another season recap edit called Mtn Revised that we just recently dropped.

NS: This is part of a series on your website. Why release them all for free?

PW: We release it for free so that it's accessible for anyone and everyone to watch.

CL: We release all of the edits for free to get as many eyes on them as possible. Make it easy for them to watch, all you have to do is click play. Peoples attention spans are so short now a days that they don't want to spend 5 minutes typing in their credit card or bank info to watch something.

NS: What's the importance of a short film versus being involved in a full length one?

PW: Webisode in comparison to a full length film is cool because we can keep fans involved throughout the season not just once in the fall.

CL: They are both important and both unique in their own way with a different feel or style. Different strokes for different folks. What we want to do is pump out edits throughout the season as they are taking place. The footage you watch from us is filmed that month, or that week. Give people quality shit to watch during the season too rather then just throw a ton of movies at them in the fall with stuff that was filmed from maybe 4 to 9 months ago. I feel that sometimes when that happens things get lost in their minds or overlooked. Maybe not appreciated as much.

NS: Web series are becoming increasingly more popular, do you feel this is the direction ski films are going?

PW: There certainly are more of them with more people interested and hyped on skiing. That and the accessibility of cameras and content on the web. I think large film companies will always have their place. I'm not saying one way is right or wrong or that one will definitely prevail over the other. They're just different.

CL: I think that the major production companies with the bigger budgets will continue to release full length movies at the end of the season like they have always done. I hope they keep doing that and look forward to watching those just like so many others do. I just think that its more affordable and easy with the world we live in now for anybody to pick up a camera and film their buddies and throw it up on the internet.

NS: Being East Coasters, how has moving to the West influenced this project, would you still have done this living out there?

PW: Our project is primarily skiing backcountry / powder. We've both been living out west for close to 8 years now. The terrain we ski and film does not even exist on the east coast so it would be impossible for us to do the same thing back there.

CL: The west has given us more opportunities. Between more places to ride, much larger terrain, and way more pow to shred we've been able to take what we learned from park skiing back that way and apply it to the backcountry. If we did on the east then the edits would be much different. Little to no pow probably and way more urban influenced.

NS: How has your style evolved throughout this series? "Zero" tends to be park oriented, as opposed to the obvious big mountain aspect of "Big Picture?"

PW: Yes we've released some park skiing but our primary focus has been skiing backcountry for a long time.

CL: I would say the difference between the "Zero" series and this years "Mtn Revision" series is that we just continue to push ourselves and better our skiing with bigger terrain and finding more things to ski outside of the park. Get outside of our comfort zone and find new things that continue to scare us. With growing up our whole lives on the east and skiing only park, we just want to focus now more on pow skiing which wasn't an option when we were younger.

NS: Can we expect more episodes this season?

PW: Yeah we're in for another series this year, stoked. You can follow us on instagram at @thebigpicturemtn or see all of our videos at

CL: Definitely