From freezeonline.com0 There are some guys that just stand out above the rest. We see them on the podiums of all the major competitions, X Games, The US Open, and now The Red Bull Huckfest. Jon Olsson, Tanner Hall, Boyd Easley, and CR Johnson have consistently been the top three for two years now and why would we expect anything different for the 2002 Red Bull Huckfest? Jon Olsson thows a brand new trick... misty 900 reverse mute grab Tanner and Jon were the top qualifiers out of yesterday's jam sessions with Boyd Easley right on there tracks. Unfortunately, CR was taking a break from competition after his big win at the US Open Big Air and didn't compete. Matt Sterbenz, Steele Spence and newcomer Jon McMurray of Banff were among the other top qualifiers. Despite all of the Olympic activities that were going on the crew at Mountain Sports International were still able to draw a great crowd of excited fans to watch the finals of the event. 16 skiers qualified from the previous day's jam sessions and were set to jump in a one run head-to-head format. The skiers had the choice of jibbing a wall ride or sliding the rail on top of the wall for their first option followed by a big air jump. Pep Fujas...Switch flatspin 540 saftey grab Run one of the finals had Tanner faced off against his close friend Mickael Deschenaux. Apparently Tanner wasn't very excited to be jumping head-to-head against Mickael in the first round and decided to not take his run very seriously, basically handing Mickael the run and letting him advance to face Pep Fujas in round 2. David Crichton, Boyd Easley, Matt Sterbenz, Stefan Thomas, and Jon Olsson also advanced. Jon Olsson would easily move on to the finals by working the wall ride and stomping a trick that he learned in Friday's practice. No one could even come close to his Misty 900 with an reverse mute grab. Boyd consistently slid the wall up to the rail on the top of the wall and stuck his switch rodeo 9's and cab 7's, but it wasn't enough to beat Olsson, as Jon won the best two out of three jumps in a close final jump. The 2002 Huckfest Podium... 2nd-Boyd Easley, 1st-Jon Olsson, 3rd-Pep Fujas Mammoth's Pep Fujas was throwing a new trick as well and beat out Matt Sterbenz with a switch flatspin 540 to take third place, his first podium in a major competition, and 1000 bucks. Jon walked away with a check for $10,000 and Boyd found himself 6000 dollars richer, which later that night may have been useful in getting him laid by some naive Mormon girls that he met. I doubt it though…everyone knows that Mormons don't do that sort of thing until they're married. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESULTS HEAD-TO-HEAD 1. JON OLSSON 2. BOYD EASLEY 3. PEP FUJAS 4. MATT STERBENZ 5-8. Mickael Deschenaux, Dave Crichton, Jon McMurray, Stefan Thomas 9-16. Tanner Hall, Andy Woods, Steele Spence, John Turkula, Peter Olenick, Chris Biollo, Simon Dumont, and Sage Cattabriga RED BULL HUCKFEST JAM SESSION - FEBUARY 16, 2002 HEAT 1 SKIERS HUCKFEST LIST PLACE BIB # First Last Home Area Country High Score 1 11 Tanner Hall Mammouth USA 21.83 2 4 Matt Sterbenz Squaw Valley USA 16.83 3 10 Steele Spence Aspen - Smowmass USA 15.67 4 21 Stefan Thomas Park City USA 15.33 5 3 Andy Woods Sugarbush USA 15.17 6 18 Chris Biollo USA 15.00 7 23 Jon Turkula The Canyons USA 13.67 8 13 Sage Cattabriga Alta USA 13.50 CUTOFF------------------------------------------ 5 Rory Bushfield CAN 13.33 14 Chris Booth Perisher Blue AUS 12.67 1 Jon Kozody Banff CAN 7.33 17 Max Kuszaj Snowbird USA 6.83 ALT Mike Corrigan Snowbird USA DNS HEAT 2 1 6 Jon Olsson Are SWE 20.17 2 8 Boyd Easley Squaw Valley USA 18.50 3 2 John McMurray Banff CAN 17.00 4 9 Pep Fujas Mammoth USA 16.67 5 22 Simon Dumont Sunday River USA 16.50 6 24 David Crichton Grinell USA 14.67 7 29 Peter Olenick Aspen USA 14.33 8 30 Michael Deschaneaux SWI 14.00 CUTOFF------------------------------------------ 27 Erik Nordstrom Snowbird USA 12.50 26 Derek Finn Snowbird USA 10.67 20 William Evans Big Bear USA 9.33 12 Isaak Hurst Sun Valley USA 8.33 source: