I don't know if any of you know much about the early days of video game companies.   I only happen to because  saw a documentary about the beginnings of video games, which was relaly cool.  You see back in the day when the Atari 2600 was the hottest shit out there, the face of the whole industry was very different.   Atari started as a really small company, and videogames were just this weird thing that hadn't caught on.   There was no multi-billion dollar industry behind it and being a video game programmer was a pretty lame profession.   The problem for Atari was that in order to make a videogame, you needed software engineers who could get high paying jobs at really respectable companies.   Atari was unable to match the salaries these guys could make, so they took a different approach.Apparently Atari purchased a hot tub or two, and based the hiring of their secretarys based solely on how hot the women were.   Every Friday early in the afternoon, it was required to crack open a few beers and party in the hot tubs with all the staff.   Atari was able to secure software engineers who would work way below their market value salaries because it was so damn fun, and they got to party with hot chicks every week.  Needless to say, Atari was really on top of their game for a long time...So as NS moved into a new office, I wanted to give our own go at the same concept.   Seems like it would be a great morale booster, and a good way to end a week of hard work.  So every Friday starting at 4pm, its TGINSF!  (Thank God Its NewSchoolers Friday) and we get it going here then move the party somewhere downtown.  We've had two so far, and there really aren't that many people that have showed up, but its still a good time.   We really couldn't have a rager in the office anyways, as there's important work shit here!   However, having a mellow Cinq a Sept (happy hour for the Engligh people out there) is perfect. So don't come and crash expecting to get wasted and break shit, or we'd get kicked out of our office.  But maybe one week if you're in town drop in to say hi and grab some stickers!

Felix showing off the paint on his back from the "ghetto chair" yes our office furnature isn't very fancy yet.
Not much of a turnout, but hey what the hell.   I swear two more people came after this.   Amanda Parker on the left, Felix Rioux centre and JF DuRochet on the right.
I thought that this was a clever little saying...
Geoff Parker showed up to bring some of his '70s style to the evening.
This is the "Everyone look like they're having a really good time so the people on the internet don't think we're losers" pose.
It is now customary to sign the giant stand-up floursecent light whiteboard thinger.   We got this in our government auction, and didn't have a choice whether to take it or not.  I guess its cool...So there you have it... my attempt towards having a cool office.   We're not quite there yet, but hey it is fun nonetheless.