After showing just a teaser of what appeared to be one wild trick, the rumor mill ran rampant with speculation of what this new trick could possibly be. Many called it, either in earnest hope or sarcastic wit, the quad. A new video released today, show the trials and triumphs of Fabian Boesch and his Swiss teammates as they aspired to live up to the flippiest and spinniest standard set by snowboarder Billy Morgan. Tormenting their existence this group of skiers did what it takes to finally catch up to those damn snowboarders.

The new video below contains the footage of the first ever skiing quadruple cork.

Good job Swiss Freeski Team. On a more serious note, I absolutely love the reaction of the skiing world to the snowboard quad. For once it seems like enough is enough and that we can leave it to the snowboarders, at least for now.