Words and photos by Ethan Stone

Video by Teddy Knape

Cameramen jockeyed for positions. Speed checks were run, re-run. Riders eyed the lip, the flats, the landing over a hundred feet away. Squirrels fornicated in the bushes. A frenzied anticipation took hold of the motley crew occupying Mt. Bachelor for Powder Magazine’s Superpark 6 on Friday morning as skiers waited for the madman who would guinea pig one of the biggest features on the mountain, the 120-foot table.

Tim Durtschi goes rather large on the 120-footer.

Ryan McKeeman dropped first, landing clean and performing a ritual celebration dance on his way to the lift, returning to drop massive D-spins over the beast. Charles Gagnier licked his chops and dropped in with trademark Québécois style, and Tommy Ellingson, Seth Warner, and Tim Durtschi humbled the booter by turning their backs and rolling in switch, as cameras rolled, making up for three days of rain, golfing, and potato salad.

On Monday and Tuesday, terrible weather stopped any attempts at filming, and Wednesday cleared up enough for riders to get runs in on the rails, rhythm section, and the odd “Excitebike� feature, a moto-style pile of snow with five lips and infinite possibility. Nevertheless, the biggest features went unhit: the 120-footer, an unlikely, ridiculously huge tree gap, a monstrous step-down, and a massive right-side hip. Powder editor Keith Carlsen was ready to throw in the towel and rename the shoot “Regularpark.�

Friday changed that, as riders and filmers got their fill on the table, and the action moved on to Candide’s rail gap and a double-lip gap jump, where Powder photogs worked to make up for lost time. After lunch, McKeeman was the guinea pig again, this time on the stepdown gap hovering above the park like a knee’s worst nightmare. Matt Philippi, Travis Perkins, and others stepped up to the gap, where a variety of 360s and yard sales were nailed with effortless ease. Perkins stuck around until the bitter end, eventually stomping a cork 7 clean for the cameras.

Travis Perkins went so big on this cork 7 on the step-down, he grabbed the lift line so he wouldn't overshoot. Click to go big!

Ashley Battersby launches a smooth disaster at the rail jam.

After a night of debauchery at the Rage Films house, the weather shut down Superpark again on Saturday, but the Jabra rail jam went down that afternoon amidst flurries of snow. So many ridiculous trick combos went down that I’m not even going to bother naming them all. While the men threw down, Ashley Battersby and Grete Eliasson stole the show, throwing down just as big with disaster 270s and 450s, and inspiring the Jabra representative on-hand to throw in another 500 clams as prize money for the girls. Tom Dolezel, Corey Vanular, and Iannick B. all made the finals, where Tom’s 450 on, 270 out and Corey’s cork 630 on couldn’t beat out Iannick, who stomped a variety of spins on and switchups to claim the $1000 purse. Ashley and Grete split the women’s prize.

A big thanks goes out to Powder for the opportunity to provide coverage. This exclusive event is a shoot for Powder and for filmmakers and we don’t want to spoil next year’s movies, so the photos and video here are just a glimpse of what you can catch in the films and in the Superpark issue. For the straight dope, make sure to check out