Every Year the “D-Crew” (Duluth, MN

Crew), hikes up to the last remaining patch of snow on Spirit Mountain,

and makes the best of what is available. Speculation says this may be

one of the most fun post-season sessions in the Midwest. This year

Chris McKeever and Evan Rutford took to the snow patch to set up

SuperSesh II! – bp.words: Cody Thornbergphotos: Jon Regenoldvideo: Alex HornerIt took weeks of preparation and dedication from D-Crew, and lots communication through several threads between many of the skiing crews and skiers of the Midwest, to have an annual gathering called "The SuperSesh." It was planned, everything was perfect and ready to go, and all we needed was another beautiful day to have the second annual SuperSesh. 8 o'clock a.m. rolls around and it isn't looking too hot outside, nasty-looking rain clouds were hovering overhead. We all figured it would blow over and we would have nothing to worry about, until the phone rings, telling us that it was raining at Spirit Mountain in Duluth, MN. We all pondered in amazement that this storm could be that widespread over the state to reach 100 miles away and ruin a great, long-awaited day of spring skiing. Delaying as much as possible without losing hope, we continue to pack the car with all of our gear and get ready to head out when the phone rings multiple times with nothing but bad news. "It's still raining up here guys..." says Chris McKeever of D-Crew.Disregarding his disappointed tone of voice, we headed up to Duluth to make the best of the day. Driving through several storms on the way up, the skies started to clear and we could tell that today was going to turn out better than we thought. We arrive at the hill to see at least 10 people already shredding and the grill already cookin' burgers and dogs. Hot-Dogs, that is. Skiing down dirt to get to the snow came a small crowd of anxious skiers, ready to go off on this set up. The Super-Session had just begun.Early in the day, us Minnesotans were just getting warmed up. We hadn't skied since our season actually ended a good 5 weeks prior, so things were a bit sketchy for a while. But that didn't last long. Mid-day, a good 20 skiers had shown up by now throwing down, change-ups, 360 changes, 270's, 450's, you name it, it was executed, and more than likely by more than one person as well. Everyone was stoked on D-Crew's trademarked, "Super-Secret Feature" which was a Down-Flat-Down-Up-Down rail that was absolutely slaughtered during the entire sesh. The day is going great! Check out the sick video filmed and edited by Alex Horner and some pictures as well. The vid is off the heezy fo-sheezy. Don’t miss Austin Mullen's double nut! :-O

Watch the video! (51.4MB .mov)
Chris handles his meatand claims the rail he painstakingly set up
Cody "Super Grom" Ling
Due to contrary belief there were no jumps at Supersesh II, but if

there were Chris would have done something that looked like this.

Evan on the ever-popular "Human Bonk"
They thought they were going to DEAD
This picture should make you think "I'm a G with a softer side"
Evan Rutford
Travis does his best impression of a gorilla, further proving evolution.
Storms a comin'
This Skier took it to the HXC, and skied onto the rail backwards!