Alex Martini…mid-air pre-KANG

The jury deliberated, tallied the NS Popular vote, and consulted our guest judges as to who will be SUPER-KANG-KNOWN. With three of the best Kang videos we have ever seen, making the final decision was difficult. However, with pretzel kangs, kang take-offs, nose butter kangs, set to the Mortal Kombat Theme Song…Alex Martini is the 2008 SUPER-KANG-KNOWN WINNER!!

VOTING: An analysis of how Alex Martini won S-K-K. Popular Vote: Borland, by a margin of 10!

John Symms: Borland, “he did more real tricks with real liu kangs”

Jiberish Vote: Williams, “he embodies ‘kang4life’ with photos at age 12”

Tom Wallisch: Williams, “he loves kangs more than any human”

Josh Bishop: Martini

Jeff Kiesel: Martini x 2

Jeff Kiesel, executing yet another beautiful kang! photo: AJ Dakoulas (4bi9 Media)

Given that Jeff is the founder of “Bring Back Liu-Kangs for World Peace” (BBLKWP), a Nongovernmental Organization dedicated to the cause of World Peace, we agreed that his vote would count twice. Through his organization, Jeff has brought hope to many skiers and created a gleaming possibility of a peaceful world. Using the Liu-Kang as his weapon of non-violent action, Jeff truly is a visionary and looks forward to living in a peaceful world. With Jeff’s vote holding so much power, Alex Martini took the lead over Jack Borland and Evan Williams. 

Tim Zilla…60ft + backcountry KANG! photo: AJ Dakoulas (4bi9 Media)

A huge Thank You to all who participated in Super-KANG-Known. You are truly dedicated to the cause of BBLKWP, well done! In the seasons to come, look forward to other competitions promoting archaic tricks, ridiculous maneuvers, and having fun on snow!


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