One of the busiest times of the year is apon me. The Sundance Film Festival has begun. It’s the time of year where I usually put my ski gear down, bite the bullet put my head down and go on paparatzi mode. This year is a bit different though. As opposed to the regular work covering random events for I’m covering the events put on by G-Tech by Hitachi. G-tech and Hitachi are putting on panels that are showcasing not just their products but on film ind photography. There will be a panel in a few days showing off some of the RED video products as well as 3d shootin with 2 cameras as well as some things on the photography side. I’m stoked to be doing Sundance work along side some like minded people instead of the usual Sundance crowd.

I’m also spending some time shootng the USSA Snowboard Gran Prix at Park City Mountain Resort which will keep me out of the Sundance scene for a few days and get me on-mountain a bit.  I usually don’t get to spend any time on-mountain during the festival so this unusual Sundance for me should be the best one I’ve been a part of in the seven years I’ve covered it.