In light of the fact that a lot of you always say how much you want to be able to get out to camp, but can't afford the costs, Whistler/Blackcomb and NS teamed up to bring you the ultimate summercamp contest! We had two sessions to give away, One from Dave Murray and the other from COC. We had plenty of entries to choose from, lots of which you saw in the forums, but sadly it had to come down to two lucky winners who will be coming out to join me in Whistler! Some entries were hilarious and some were heartfelt, but everyone sure put in a ton of effort to make sure they got a chance at the session. Our winners were:  Emmett Davis and John Fleury!   So congrats guys you're coming out to summercamp for free!   Honorable mentions also go to Kieth (foodisfun), JimmyOB and Waynesworld37  who all had great entries but weren't able to make it out here!So without further ado, check out the two winners, and one from the runner up Kieth, who we wanted to bring out but he couldn't manage to get out here.-Mr.Bishop ___________________________________________________________________________Emmett Davis:Let me just start out by saying, Wisconsin is weak. Here is a link describing my home mountain. All 205 feet of it: Glorious, isnt it? Personally, the best part, in my opinion, is the constant reoccurance of bare grass on the hill even when there is 2 feet of snow in the parking lot. What a grooming staff, eh? Anyway, my name is Emmett Davis, I am 15 years old, my NS name is wiRIPPER2, and i am from Oconomwoc, Wisconsin..which for those of you that dont know, is the state where jeffrey dahmer the serial killer is from as well as the man with the world's longest arm hair. We also started Miller Beer and we make alot of cheese. Sweet. Also, a guy carjacked a snowplow yesterday. Hes still at large. Watch out for him. Last winter, I had my sites set on summer camp. I requested brochures from windells, high north, and COC because I truly wanted to go skiing in summer (who doesn't?) I am not going to lie. My family can afford to send me to camp. But i didnt want them to. I like to earn things for myself. All winter, I bussed tables and cleaned up dog..uhhh.. "excrement", to scrape together enough dough for a brief 5 day trip to Camp Of Champions. That's 900$ of hard earned, blood, sweat and tears money. All i wanted was to escape the sweltering Wisconsin heat (it really is hot here, believe it or not. ha that rhymed.) and go skiing at a real resort. Never having been out of Wiscompton to ski, i dreamed of smooth kickers onto rails, a freshly cut pipe, and naked women standing on the landing of every jump i hit, cheering me on. My dreams were blossoming into a delicate flower. The same kind of flower that can be crushed with a big steel toed boot. The day finally came. Since my parents were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, they decided to accompany me to whistler. They stayed in a different hotel though so i wasnt too upset. I arrived in beautiful Vancouver airport and found the COC banner. i talked with the other 25 or so excited kids that were already there. They were from California , Vermont, Michigan , and even Sweden. This was shaping up to be the trip of my life. After the 3 hour drive to the Whistler Coast Hotel, i met Luke Van Valin, who was gonna be my coach for my epic gnarnasty schralping journey. he was a pretty chill guy. The rest of the night went without problems. I awoke in the morning, went to breakfast at 12 steps (i think thats what it was called) and got handed my lift ticket. The day i had waited for for so long had finally arrived. Kobe. Although the two lift rides, bus ride, then another lift ride seemed tedious, getting to the top of the glacier felt so great. Skiing the freshly groomed corduroy over the ridge and seeing the amazing park set up COC had put together truly took my breath away. This was it. gametime. I took a few runs, messed around on some rails, and after about an hour i decided to speed check the big table. It was a beast, and i had only hit one jump this size before (about 60 feet) but i am a good skier (hey its the truth) and i felt confident. I speed checked/straight aried once, and then it was go time. Luke told me to go for it, so i just tried a nice little slow cork three. My favorite trick. That i had landed 5000 times. But not today. The last thing i remember is coming off the lip of the jump, getting a solid safety grab. I spotted the landing, but it wasnt there. All i could see, zooming in at me at a hundred miles an hour, was straight up knuckle. and then, impact. I woke up in the Whistler Medical Clinic with a hot canadian nurse standing over me. Hot nurse aside, the prognosis was not good. I had a severe concussion with partial amnesia and loss of conciousness. I couldnt ski for 2 weeks. I was crushed. Apparently, i overrotated the 3, hit the knuckle, and flew head first down the landing, breaking my helmet into two pieces (thank god i was wearing it) And with that one simple trick, that trick that i used to warm up on every jump i hit, my dream was snatched away. 900$, down the toilet. What could i do but sit in my parents hotel room for the remainder of the trip (i damn sure couldnt walk) and then shamefully and dejectedly board the plane back to Wiscompton. it still makes me depressed to think about it to this day. i worked so hard to get that 900$, and it was for naught. for a freak accident. but you can change that. If i receive this trip, it will change my life. Skiing is what i live for, skiing is how i define myself as a person, and it is what makes me want to get a job and succed so i can pay for endless lift tickets. I cant ski the kind of terrain i want to ski in wisconsin. i need to go somewhere else. somewhere like...Whistler. You can give me back that opportunity that was taken so abruptly from me. you can help me live. sorry for the length guys, but i had to get it out. its been bothering me for 7 months. and i know, it got a little sensitive and mushy, so here is a link to a video of three young black men in huge tshirts dancing to lighten the mood: skillllzzzz so yeah, this is rambling on a little. but seriously...gimme the session. please. merci beaucoup (thanks in french) ___________________________________________________________________________________John FleuryWell to break the ice I guess I’ll start this off with, hey I am Jon Fleury from Evergreen, Colorado, currently going to the University of Utah, and I love NS!!!! So I’m going to take you on a little journey of my year. It starts off with me getting to Utah in the fall. I go to Decade to get warranty my invaders and I was stoked that I was getting a new pair for free. Snow starts coming and I have no skis except my crappy 171 Mike Nicks from…I don’t even know when. I got them from soxripper years ago for like 60 bucks to use as urbans. So I don’t have my skis til around mid January so I have to rip my broken down urbans in all the feet of snow we had, needless to say it sucked. Winter break comes around and I decide to work at Alta so I don’t have to go home to Colorado. I made a stupid decision because CO ended up getting absolutely annihilated while Utah didn’t get shit. After winter break I start ripping Park City a lot cause the finally got a nice setup. So from them until spring the season went pretty well skiing PC and Brighton a bunch. Snow wasn’t as great as it’s supposed to be but oh well, it was still fun as hell. We finally get a nice storm and my roommates and I go to hit this urban right by dorms. Around 10 or 15 tries on this about 100 ft. slight C rail I nut myself. Balls absolutely crushed, sack bleeding, thigh demolished…it was pretty shitty. So I was out for a week or so cause I couldn’t move or my balls would hurt. Then a little later I end up having to get surgery on my ankle so I missed a bunch of the end of the year. Which brings me to my main point, I want to go to summer camp. I haven’t ever been able to go since it costs so much and I figured I might as well save the thousand bucks and just spend it on ski gear for the next year. If I went to camp I’d be so stoked that I am getting to ski again this season since the season here is winding down and I am still stuck on my ass. I’m going to include some nice pics of the carnage and a vid of me putting my balls in a nutcracker. Quality isn’t great but you can hear it at least. Enjoy! Oh and I am 3ski6guy0, I’m 18, and eye lyke totali <3 NS lyke OMGi attached a few things....a video of my roommate and i, one after the other, nutting ourselves, a pic of the nasty ass syst they took out of my ankle a few weeks ago, and then a small edit from the beginning of this season. LATER

____________________________________________________________________________I could've wrote a funny poem, a funny story, or maybe even put a funny picture in here, but instead I decided to write something that actually means something to me, so it may be long, but I hope you'll stick through.To whom it may concern,I live on long island in new york, and ever since the first time I put skis on when I was three, I was hooked. It took about 7 years, however, to go skiing again, and this time I wanted to snowboard cause it was the cool thing to do. For the next three "seasons" (2 days) I snowboarded, and then finally in 2003 I switched to skiboards, and bought my own pair. Of course right after I buy the skiboards, I learn that they were replaced by better performing twin tips, and I'm stuck with skiboards because I just dropped over $200. Last year I went to winter park with my family for two days, and it was there when I first demoed a pair of twin tips. After a long day of skiing, I was dissapointed in finding out what I had been missing all of my years on snow. Skiing is what I am meant to do, and twin tips helped me to discover just how fun and creative skiing can be. Unfortunately my parents wouldn't let me buy twin tips, because my skiboards were in great condition, and they just didn't understand. So last season I had to look ahead to this year, and dread having to use my skiboards.This summer, however, my life was changed forever. On the way home from bringing my sister up to college, a man fired at our car, one bullet hitting my dad, and later killing him. Besides playing baseball, skiing was the thing that my dad and I both had a passion for, and when deciding between a carribean cruise, or a few days of skiing, we would always choose skiing.The death of my dad has lead me to make the decision to finally look into buying a pair of twin tips, so I can once again feel the joy I had riding with my dad at winter park. The first time I went skiing this year, I took the first few runs by myself. Although alone, I felt more comfortable and at ease than I ever had skiing before. I couldn't see or hear him, but I could feel my dad skiing alongside me. Once I had realized what a great feeling skiing was bringing to me again, I knew I would need more days on the hill. This winter I skied 4 more days than I ever have before, bringing my total to 6. 6 days of skiing, although very short, allowed me to go back to better times of being together with my family. 6 days I could really feel my dad's presence. 6 days is not enough. As I come to realize my obsession for winter and skiing, I'm beginning to plan out my future and what other states, or even countries, this passion will bring me to. For now, however, I'm stuck in this topographically challenged town on Long Island which only allows me to get a few days of skiing each winter.When I first found out about summer camps for skiing, I was absolutely blown away. Never before had I even thought of skiing in the summer. Then watching the videos of the insane parks put together for these camps just blew my mind. I thought to myself "What do I have to do to get into one of these camps?" Then I saw the price, and the truth hit me hard. I would have no chance of going.With your help, however, I would hope that the few more days of skiing at a summer camp would once again bring me that feeling of closeness with my dad, and allow me to truly be with him again.Thanks for sticking with me for the entire story, and thanks for giving me a site to go to everday and forget about everything except my true passion: skiing.-Keith aka Foodisfun