Thats right, this Saturday afternoon I am jumping on a plane to start my month and a half stint out in Whistler for summercamp!   I'm working up at High North once again, and its going to be a blast.   For those of you who manage to make it out to Whistler, whatever camp you're going to come by the HN lane and say whats up.  I'll do my best to have NS stickers on my person at all times, so whether its on the hill or in the village come get some!  Here are a few pictures of what I look like:

Now what you've got to remember is that I HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE.   I only know people by their membernames, and rarely from pictures.   So look for my hair, its the best way to recognize me. (Although I've been having this quarter-life crisis desire to dye it blue lately...) Please don't be shy come up and say whats up, I really like meeting all the people that make NS what it is.   I'm not mean and I'm only a little weird...If you aren't coming to Whistler, Hood, NZ, AUS, Europe or some other skiing in the summer, its a mistake!   Glacier skiing is the shit.. beset time ever.   Whistler is a really fantastic place to do it as well.  Who knows, maybe one of these years we'll rent a newschoolers condo and have some of you fools out to party!  Peace guys, have a good one.