I guess it all started out with the DNA rail jam in Ft. Collins. DNA rider/ judge/ announcer John Spriggs called me up and encouraged me to join in on the madness, so I unpacked my ski gear and we rolled up to Ft. Collins. I started to warm up and get comfy on the setup, and along with my standard set of tricks, was able to get the hang of transferring from the double kink to the down box. For those who haven't ever tried a rail to rail side hop, its way easy, and next year on urbans, ITS ON!!

In short, I fell doing a standard switch-up during practice, tore my AC joint (separated my shoulder which means you tear your collar bone away from your shoulder). So I didn't even get to compete, and proceeded to drive straight to the Boulder Hospital.

So, I have been wanting a snowmobile since the first time I rode one, and after this last year, I realized I couldn't go another winter without one. After months of researching, posting and searching ads all over the country, I found a 2003 Ski-Doo Summit 800, 151 track with reverse that I couldn't turn down. After pulling a few strings, I got some cash together and made the purchase. I also got a nice brand new single place tilt trailer for it.

After a bit of healing, my shoulder felt strong enough to follow through with my plans to stay at Level 1 Productions Josh Berman's house to tile his 2 bathrooms and to put together an edit for myself for the bonus section of "Real Time". During my week and a half of being around some of the most amazing ski film minds in the world, I managed to pick up some neat tips and tricks that will definitely come in handy in the future.

Gettin er done.

When I needed a break from tiling, there was always a new rendition of the latest section to preview. Chip gives newly hired videographer Kyle Decker the finger as I take in the mind blowing Japan segment.

I made sure that the bathrooms looked CRIIIIISSSSSPPPPP!

Berman works with Fatypus Skis on a rough version of their full page Adam Delorme ad for the "Real Time" mini mag.

During my stay, a bunch of the Level 1 athletes stopped by to check out the flick, work on voice overs, etc.

Berman shows Mike Hornbeck, Travis Redd, and Steele Spence some action.

Winner of the internship contest this year is film grad Ben Woodworth.

Ben showed me a number of new things, including how to turn a lens backwards to create an easy macro effect.

Berman's husky Luka was a common source of entertainment around the house.

The movie is coming along, and is in it's final stages of editing. You can expect "Real Time" to be by far the best ski movie ever made. Check out Level1Productions.com this week for an update and more info about the movie.

After consuming enough free Sobe and Vitamin water to kill a horse, I drove back to Boulder to find a place to live and end my summer of homelessness. After signing up for a full class load at CU this fall, I settled into our new place with my friend Zach Rosen.

Since it was a thursday, we grabbed a few beers and hopped on our bikes and made our way over to the cruiser ride. The cruiser ride (for those who don't know) is a weekly gathering of hundreds of people who dress to the ever changing theme, decorate their home-made bikes, and ride around town consuming alcohol and other drugs of choice. They stop to dance at various points in the night, with many bikes equipped with lights and music, powered by car batteries.

On the way there, Zach demonstrated his favorite cruiser trick, The Nothing. Zach took all of the photos that are not labeled "David Lesh Photography"

This weeks theme was red neck.

Despite my torn AC joint, I hooked it up with some fancy backwards cycling.

Zach borrowed a custom big wheel to rip around on.

Liberty Skis is in the midst of changing their website and there is a sequence of me up at the moment from hood. Go to LibertySkis.com to check it out.

For now, I guess thats it. The next update should include my bone transplant Laterjy shoulder surgery as well as some more nonsense.