Yesterday was a snowy winter day on the glacier in the COC Park. It was

just what we'd been saying all winter. If your winter was a summer, come

make your summer a winter at COC.

The big lines weren't firing but the rest of the park was going off, especially the Big Air Bags, the hips and jibs.

INSTACAMP Camp A - The Camp of Champions eBook.

The Camp of Champions first session just wrapped up, and the

book "Instacamp" is now available. You can order the book as an eBook

for $3.99, or a softcover or hardcover book. All the Instagram photos

shot by campers and staff are in the book and it's a great way to relive

your session.

Another good way to relive your session is with our first video of the summer.

Camp of Champions - Ski - Week A 2012 from Camp of Champions on Vimeo.