We have a spot in Gardnerville, NV, which is about 15 minutes south of Tahoe, that we have been going to and having fun/working on some air tricks. Its perfect for anything you want with ranging cliffs of 15-40 ft. a lot of tricks can be learned and attempted.

My friend Steveo is a snowboarder who is committed to switching to skiing after watching Wallisch bang his tricks. Here with a sw rodeo 5 japan.
Rodeo 5, GainerEven though I miss winter terrible, I dont mind these views..
Can't wait to watch some of the new movies coming out..Keep the stoke alive and see you all on the hill soon enough.
sw misty9 action!
Also, I just met up with the owner of Boone skis Erik and I got my fresh pair of Magic Sticks..they are soo sick I can't wait to get out and rep them hard. Thanks again, and check us out at Booneskis.com, make sure you cop your new pair cause they are running out quick.Peace
NEW VIDEOhttp://vimeo.com/1713598