Last day of school I left for Mexico.

We went to cabo and then the East Cape. I caught an 8ft Marlin and drank/ swam my trip away. It was great and I came back burnt.

Duvall family reunion.

Okay all those movies you see about reunions gone bad...that's what ours was like. Jill the newest "member" of the family started fights every time I turned around...what a bitch! Everyone puts up w/ her shit because otherwise my grandfather will be upset. But basically she's a sucubus. The only good part of that episode was getting to hang out w/ my cousins. We smoked and drank and stayed as far away from our parents as possible.

Next on the list...

Cheyenne Days, Wyoming. Every year my dad and I go to the rodeo and a concert. We have seats right behind the bull shoots and great seats for the Big and Rich concert. After that we will drive straight up to Canada and go all the way to the most Northern Coastline. And then back we go to the states, I think I will be headed to Cali for the rest of the summer to stay w/ my dad and the rest of the family.