Really if your read the summary of the blog you know what i'm talking about.   We started at about eight in th emorning to get to home depot to get our lumber, pvc piping, and lattace.  We spent about $150 on our supplies and packed it into my buddy Tom's Ford Expedition and were on our way to his house.  We spent about six hours cutting and hammering our ramp from the ground up.  The final ramp ended up being about six feet tall  and 12 feet long.  The lattace we bought was placed on the surface in order to gain the amount of speed we needed to get the push off to ride our rails that we also spent at least an hour on each.  We have one box rail with four two inch pvc pipes that are 12 feet long.  we can throw some spins on them and 270's on (sometimes) and off.  We have a 12 foot flat rail built with one four inch pipe ane we have a 9 foot attachent to make a down rail on the end.  We also built a ten foot rainbow rail but that didn't work out too well on its maiden voyage tried by Tom .  If you want to check some of these videos and rails out check my account in a couple days cause my computer can't upload that stuff right now.  In the winter i will throw some conditions posts on here to let people know what the smuggs park and bowls are like.