Summer of Snow pt. 2

Words and photos: Dan Kellar

I would simply like to request that those with self imposed ADD, or "clinical" ADHD try to pay attention with what they are going to read. It is not really serious or anything of the sort, it will probably make you quite happy. It would just be nice if all of humanity could try and pay attention for once, if we can start here, who knows where we will be able to take it. As an aside, why do people have to go about changing the music every two or three songs? Try to focus to an album for an hour; try to continue digging for more than 2 minutes at a time before asking if we are done yet...

Anyways, try and tell me that Gdubs is not having fun here:

Quoting Alex James, who was at the long box that day: "Yeah, that just happened". I love it when skiing is undertaken for the fun of it.

You know when people ask you "what's up" and you lamely reply, after nodding your head is "what's up"? Well I did not allow these pros to answer like that...

Pete Olenick Says Hello:

Chris Turpin, always knowledgeable:

Backcountry slayer Dana Flahr rides the tbar:

Dave Weale starts an argument that I hope to win:

how bout that eh!

If you have never seen a hoary marmot (which whistler mountain is named after) and would like to see one, look at the picture below. If you have not seen a hoary marmot and wish to wait for the real life version, do not look at the following picuture. All other options, do as you wish, I did not want to play spoiler...

Same message here but this time the subject is Colby West doing a corked to hell spin, and not a Marmot:

Not only is Colby an amazing skier but he was also the inspiration for many of the ancient spartan warriors:

(he closed off the S rail perfectly of course).

Back to the argument I wish to win over Dave Weale. I am well aware his skis are sexy, that is not the argument. I simply want to make sure all the sexy skis are considered when speaking of the sexiest ski. My vote is the Movement Kama Sutra and Dave's is Jon Olsson's Pro Model Heads (both shown below):

I want you to suggest other sexy skis with me here and i will add them to a poll (i know rossi scratchs will be added, just upload pictures). Finally we can get to the bottom of the world's sexiest ski (it has been plaguing me for some time...)

I'll let these pics tell the story of the Glacier's sweetness:

Camper throwing down off the High North cliff drop:

Winner of High North's Rail Jam:

Alex James getting it done:

Max Hill working on his special project:

Camp of Champions camper learning an underflip:

Blake Nyman throwing out of my frame:

Ingrid Backstrom, Blake Nyman, and myself go for a hike and get some July 6th cornice lines:

Mr. Bishop is never done working:

Morning Stretches at High North (left) and PSI (right):

Hug a digger day at High North:
This camper should have left the chef alone, afterall salt is abundant on the Glacier...
And now a video of Camp of Champions with slopestyle fun, following cam attempts with Mike from Pennsylvania, and a bunch of tree jib and step up shots: Life off the Glacier is also more than average:

Egg toss at High North closing ceremonies

Camp of Champions invade Ross Rebligati park for their closing:

 I have been having an amazing time over the last few weeks. I get to ski everyday and live in the sweetest place in Greystone lodge given to me by Whistler Accomodation:


I hope that satisfied your thirst for skiing for a while longer, I know that tomorrow I will be back at it...

With all possible amounts of seriousness: the Horstman glacier is wicked awesome, I can't have enough fun there and if you don't come this year make it here next year; if Al Gore, Gunderson and Holling, and James Kay (and most intelligent people) are speaking for the people who actually care about the longterm existence of our planetary system, this glacial system will undergo some sort of renewal over the future. I hope that we will still be able to ski after the creative destruction takes place. To ensure that future we will have to be more conscious of the system that we are completely a part of .

Get well Ingrid, hopefully no news too traumatic was at the end of the helicopter ride!