It’s the end of 2011 and looking back, it’s been a great year. Here at Windells, staff, campers, and family have taken tons of laps at Timberline during the summer, skated the Concrete Jungle all fall, and have been skating in BOB every weekend. We have gotten to meet the snowboarders, skateboarders, and skiers we look up too, have them as our coaches, take runs with them, learn new tricks from them, and get their autographs. We’ve gotten to see tons of new snow movies, gotten new gear, and lined up to take runs at our local mountains.

Now that 2012 has begun, we decided that we would set a few resolutions for the new year. Below, ten things that we will be doing in 2012 to have the funnest year ever!10. Perfect our backside 180.

One of the most classic tricks in snowboarding is also the most fun. During Session 6 last summer, the Rome Team taught us how to do this awesome trick.

9. Skate every day

8. Be appreciative of our friends and thank them for their hard work

The Diggers work hard every day to build the park we love to shred. Thanks guys! Joshua Parker made this video of our favorite park crew last summer for YoBeat. Check out the full post from Best Summer Ever.

7. Eat a healthy lunch at the mountain

Blake Reid cooking up some Digger Dogs.

6. Have fun riding with our friends

5. Get to meet the people we look up to

Last summer, during Session 2, the Capita Team came to hang out at camp and promote their new movie, “Defenders of Awesome.”

Whether we get to high five a rider we watched in a movie, take runs with someone who compete in the X Games, watch a pro skate the Concrete Jungle, or even learn a new trick from someone we looked up to, it’s really cool to meet the people that inspire us to do what we do!

4. Be more green – do good for the Earth

Curtis Woodman and Nick Visconti gave a brand new Arbor snowboard to the camper that picked up the most trash on the last day of Session 4. Cleaning up around campus only took a few minutes–as snowboarders, skiers, skateboarders, and bmxers, it’s important to take care of the outdoors that we play in!

3. Try something new every day on our snowboard, skateboard, skis, or bmx

Learning is a big part of why we love snowboarding, skateboarding, skiing, and bmxing, and not just learning new tricks, but riding more difficult terrain, perfecting our carves, dropping into something we didn’t think we could before. It’s all awesome, and even if we just learn something small, we are still really excited!

2. Stay inspired all the time

Whatever motivates you and makes you dream big, if it’s the actual Inspire Crew with Tanner Hall, or if it’s watching Willis Kimble skate, or if it’s Burton’s “Standing Sideways”, stay inspired to shred!

1. Spend time with our friends

Whether they’re new friends or old, there’s nothing better than a few laps with the crew, skating with some homies, or just hanging out, talking about how good the day was. Thanks to all our friends for hanging out with us all year!

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