High Five Festival in Annecy is by far and away the biggest ski film festival, and perhaps the biggest celebration of freeskiing, in the annual calendar. This year, it turns 10 years old and so, global catastrophes permitting, it's sure to be even more insane than usual. Right now, they are looking for submissions. So if you're making a film this year, be sure to submit it by the July 1st deadline for a chance to show your work to thousands in Annecy's multi-screen cinema.

If you are producing a movie / short film / web series and you would like to screen it at the HIGH FIVE FESTIVAL, follow this link to submit your registration.

It’s a simple process, taking a maximum of 10 minutes. Competition for screen time can be fierce, so to select the movies, the committee will need to see as much content as possible (preview, raw cut, timeline, teaser, trailer…). You can submit this within the registration form, or directly to our dropbox / by email. Movies that have been selected will hear back by July 15th 2020 at the latest. We remind you that if you want to be selected it's mandatory to offer a premiere a the Festival (global, European or french) and to hold off publishing your movie on-line before the festival ends.

The GOLDEN HIGH AWARDs will also return to Annecy, and all accepted submissions have the chance to be nominated for one or all of the categories at the awards, which celebrate the movies, the riders, and the producers. The Award show will be held on Thursday, October 1st (the night before the start of the festival).

We hope to see you in Annecy.