Here's the rundown on SuperUnknown XVIII, pandemic edition:

The 18th annual installment of SuperUnknown will be mostly virtual, similar to the original format before it was turned into a live event. Submit your edit to Level 1, we'll have our athletes and staff watch and judge, and then we'll pick semi-finalists, finalists and men's and women's winners. Men's and women's overall winners will split a $5,000 cash prize each taking home $2500 and will (hopefully!!) have the opportunity to join last year's finalists from SuperUnknown XVII at a live event. All of the edits will also be eligible for the "Saga Outerwear Best Trick Poll" - a public poll where the winner will take home a $500 cash prize and gear.

At this point we're still working hard to finalize a resort partner to host SuperUnknown, but with resorts facing more challenges than ever, when and if we can make this happen is yet to be confirmed. Ideally we will make an announcement in the near future, but the only promise we can make right now is that you will know as soon as we do!

If and when a resort partner is confirmed we’ll be inviting all of last year’s Finalists to join us for a week long shoot. Our ideal scenario will see the 2021 SuperUnknown winners join the finalists from 2020 at a live event to enjoy the session, shred a custom private park, and take in all the action. Depending on the ability of our international finalists from 2020 to attend, there might be a few more spots at the session up for grabs- likely filled from runner’s up to this year’s online contest- details of course TBD.

Changes to the live event component aside, the basic rules for this year’s SuperUnknown are pretty much the same - entrants are required to put together a 90-second long video showcasing their skills, talent, bag of tricks, style, and personality. No résumés, no still photos, no comp results- just pure unfiltered video action. Entries will be reviewed and judged by the Level 1 staff and our crew of athletes based on the above criteria and overall impression. In late March/early April we’ll be dropping Semi-Finalist edits online, followed shortly by Finalist edits, and then SuperUnknown Winners!


About SuperUnknown

SuperUnknown was started in 2003 to help discover and expose the best unsponsored up and coming talent in the game, and give them a shot at making a name for themselves outside of the traditional competition scene.

The first contest of its kind, entrants were asked to submit a simple promo video showcasing their skills, talent, bag of tricks, style, and personality. No résumés, no still photos, no essay questions- just pure unfiltered video action. Entries were reviewed and judged by Level 1's staff and athletes. The most impressive skier each year took the title and was awarded a chance to film with Level 1 and given a foot in the door of the industry. 17 years deep, SuperUnknown is the biggest and best open video contest in action sports with over 100 entries coming in from top amateurs and the best undiscovered talent around the world.