New and ImprovedJust in time for the heart of winter, our homepage has been improved. This week marks the first we have a fully operational events calendar and news blog.We are kicking off the party with a note from Josh Bibby in Mammoth. We’ll follow up with new stories from exotic locations such as Alta, the Cascades, New Hampshire, and Minnesota all week long.Next week will again be a big one for the World Wide Web. We are starting off the week with the man who has been with us from the beginning, Liam Downey. Little known fact: In addition to killing it annually in Level 1’s cinematography, Liam is an English major Bates College, arguably the finest institution in Maine (the Skowhegan paper mill places a close second). Watch what happens when he combines his ghetto Southern Vermont roots with his little ivy education. This man can write! In depth interviews, profiles, and beautiful photography of the team (hug your local camera man) will follow every day. Thanks for the time and check out the site, it might be almost as fun as actually skiing.