There are many reasons that we can think up of why summertime SUCKS! One of the biggest reasons being that there is no skiing [except for the lucky few who get to go to camp at Hood or Whistler, or even NZ or Chile]. However, there are many things that are great about summer that get me through the snow-less time.

My top five things I like about summer...

5. No school, need I say more.

4. Saving money to get new ski gear, whether it be a new pair of skis, like my beautiful new volkl bridges that I got a killer deal on, or new outerwear. Whatever floats ya boat.

3. Moutain biking...getting muddy, crashing, and getting bruised up all while having fun

2. Friends. Summertime always means that I get to spend even more time chillin with my friends and its great. Finding even more ways to get in trouble is the best part.

1. Surfing. I just bought a new 9'4 noserider and it rocks! Its a great way to pass summer by while having fun. The best part is when the waves look like this at your local surf spot (which they hardly ever do)