Selecting edits for Style Showdown is not always an easy process.

But this week, two skiers, both insane at jumps and rails, posted edits from Mount Hood. And, each edit features a nearly-identical lineup of filmers. Jackpot.

About Style Showdown: This series works to provide up-and-coming skiers with exposure, as well as highlight the best videos posted to NS every week.You vote for your favorite skier, and the winner gets their edit posted to Newschoolers' social media channels.


First up is Alex Hackel, offering us an artsy edit that starts with handplants, butters, 50-50's and the like. Hackel continues the edit by showing off his technicality; spinning both ways, stomping doubles easily, and tossing switch tricks on lock. If that's not enough for you, just watch the end of the video. I don't even care if those triples were stomped or not.

Highlight trick: 0:56 - 1:00


Next up is Reed "BMOS" Lewis, with an edit showcasing his classic crazy man style. The edit is all jumps until the 1:46 mark, where Reed starts punishing every rail in his path.

I can't agree with NS member GT* enough, who commented, "Reed, you have arguably the most unique full extension jump game of all time. Big ups, this was inspiring."

Highlight trick: 3:28 - 3:33. No questions asked.


Whose skiing did you enjoy watching more? Vote and comment below. Voting ends January 23rd at 9AM EST.